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First year of high school, here I come!
I'm not sure how long my hiatus will last.
But I'm pretty sure once school starts, I will be busy.
It's either, a few updates or no updates at all.

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Beta, anyone?

I can "beta" your fic
PM me or comment on this post if you're interested
Please give me credit for proofreading your fic

It may take time to proofread your fic, specially if the fic is long, so please be patient.



Unfortunately, I can't visit my journal and my other journal (duckteuk) because it contains malware. And based on past experiences, malware does some serious shit to your files. So, just to warn all of you, please be careful when visiting my journal (any of the two, actually).I don't know if it only happens to me but yeah, please be careful. :)

Anyway, happy holidays to everyone!!